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Canoes Vs Kayaks

Two of the more popular ways to fish is by canoe vs. kayak. However, if you were to choose one over the other, which one would be better to determine? A lot would depend upon your personal preferences, but this article will discuss a few of the differences between canoe fishing and kayak fishing. Of course, it is always preferable to do your research and investigation before spending a good chunk of money on a quality canoe vs. kayak.

Canoe Fishing

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Canoes come in a variety of sizes and shapes from a solo canoe to a family sized canoe. A single paddle oar powers them, but there are a few canoes that will allow you to utilize a small trolling motor at the rear of the boat. The majority of fishing canoes have a classic Native American look, but they will also have a few modifications to accommodate a fishing purpose. A canoe is preferable for slow-moving rivers or lakes. They are not designed for passing over waves, going into high winds, or ocean fishing.

Any basic canoe can be easily adapted for fishing. When paddling, a canoe is more stable to paddle from a kneeling position or by using a low seat that is installed in the hull section. Having a seat will allow you to give your knees a bit of a break and it will also produce less moving around when casting or reeling in. Adding a small trolling motor that is battery-operated may also be a great idea. You can also install necessary racks and holders for your fishing rod and fishing net.

canoe pros and cons

One advantage to a canoe is that it is easy to toss in your tackle box and cooler without having to tie them down. In fact, many commercially designed fishing canoes are equipped with everything that you require for your next fishing adventure. Some of these commercially developed fishing canoes even have a pontoon on each side of the canoe to make it super stable and almost impossible to tip over.

Kayak fishing

Kayak fishing, on the other hand, produces more fishing options and this will be especially true when fishing in saltwater. The majority of kayaks for saltwater fishing purposes are vessels that are closed by a membrane that goes over the fisherman’s waist. This layer provides a seal so that water does not enter into the kayak. This will allow a kayak fisherman greater freedom to paddle through river rapids and ocean waves without sinking the kayak.

The kayak paddle is a double-bladed oar that provides greater maneuverability. Kayak fishing is becoming one of the more popular ways to fish and there have been many excellent advancements in kayak technology and equipment. It is important to choose a kayak that has adequate storage space and connection points that will allow you to attach fishing nets and rods. You will even be able to utilize a GPS fishfinder.

Kayak Types

There are two types of fishing kayaks of which one is a “Sit On Top Kayak” and the other is a “Sit In Kayak.” A “Sit On Top” kayak is the type where the fisherman is sitting in a depression on the deck of the kayak. It is a basic type of vessel that will have a place for storing your equipment and fishing rods. A “Sit In” kayak, on the other hand, will have a sealed cockpit for the fisherman to sit in.

A saltwater kayak is designed to withstand the elements of the ocean. They are manufactured following the very highest of safety standards. They are equipped and designed to handle large fish in adverse conditions. For example, many saltwater kayak fishers are landing world record fish such as Marlin and Sailfish from a saltwater fishing kayak.

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A saltwater kayak is designed with dry wells so that rods and equipment are kept dry and in place while paddling. They also allow a place for sonars or fish finders which is an essential tool for offshore or deep water fishing. There are even units that have built-in foot paddling systems that will allow the fisherman to propel the kayak utilizing a foot pedal.

When fishing in the ocean on a kayak, it is essential to have the proper safety and emergency equipment with you. For example, you would want to have an emergency signal that is Coast Guard approved. The signal could be either an emergency whistle or flare. Safety should be the number one priority for anyone that wants to do ocean fishing in a saltwater kayak.

Another type of kayak that is often used for secure travel is an inflatable kayak. The kayak of this kind can be deflated or inflated with the help of an electric air pump. This type of kayak is an excellent option for anyone who wants to use a kayak that can be easily rolled up and stored in the trunk of a car or SUV.

Yes, a canoe vs. kayak for fishing is an important decision to make. Hopefully, the above information will help you to decide which one to choose. has great reviews on the different kinds of kayaks to choose from.