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How to Keep a Kayak from Tipping Over

How to keep a kayak from tipping can be a real challenge for the beginner.  Some pros believe it’s a common occurrence that happens to the seasoned angler who’s new to kayaking because their focus is primarily on catching fish as opposed to first learning how to man their kayak. […]


How to Start Kayak Fishing for Beginners

You love to fish, you’ve never been kayaking, but since the explosion of kayak angling, you’re interested in giving it a try. You’re probably also interested in learning how to start kayak fishing, so you’ll at least have a rough idea of what to expect and what type of gear […]

How to Fish Out of a Kayak Year Round

How to fish out of a kayak is almost as easy as fishing off the bank, however, there are a few differences. You’ll need to outfit your kayak with plenty of gear, learn how to secure it correctly and follow important safety tips that can make your experience safer and […]

Bass, River And Kayak Fishing

Kayak Fishing Kayak fishing is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to fish. Kayak fishing is simple, healthy, and inexpensive. It is a great way to catch fish while leisurely setting your own pace. It is considered to be a frontier type of sport since it is still […]

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How To Get Into Kayaks Correctly

Kayaking Shouldn’t Be So Difficult How to get into kayaks correctly and gracefully is a hard question to answer. This, however, is often a question heard from women paddlers. Unfortunately, the answer on how to get into kayaks gracefully may be disappointing because in reality there is no graceful way […]

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Learn How To Fish From A Kayak

Are you someone who enjoys the great outdoors? For example, do you love fishing and kayaking? Have you ever tried to incorporate both fishing and kayaking together? Maybe you fish using a large boat but are constantly frustrated because of your inability to stealthily navigate through small waterways because your […]

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Tips On How To Kayak

If you have been thinking about going kayaking but think it might be too hard or strenuous, you have no reason to worry. It is a stress-free and great way to get some fresh air and exercise and enjoy breathtaking views. Kayaking is a very approachable activity. The basics can […]

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7 Kayaking Tips For Beginners

Kayaking is extremely fun, and you should learn how to do it. Generally speaking, it’s easy to learn, but there are a few basic tips you’ll want to keep in mind. Below are kayaking tips for beginners. Take A Lesson Or Two As a beginner, you should take a lesson […]

I Love Kayak Fishing In Texas

Bigger In Texas? Most Americans understand that everything is bigger in the state of Texas. The folks from Texas love the outdoors, football, and good food. When it comes to good food, such as fish, there is nothing that tastes better than eating something that you have recently caught in […]