How To Kayak Paddle In Just A Few Easy Steps

One of the most rewarding outdoor hobbies to take on is kayaking. If you want to avoid being completely green when you first go out, it’s best to start studying up now! Your natural first step should be learning how to kayak paddle. Here are a few basic tips:

1 – Proper Holding Technique

You have to hold your kayak paddle correctly to attain the best range of motion and momentum. It’s important to keep a firm yet comfortable grip; if you hold it too tightly, then your paddling will become quite tricky. You’ll also struggle if your hands are too close together. Your best bet is to grip the paddle with your dominant side and then the other about a shoulder’s length away. Each end of the paddle should have the same amount of distance behind your hands, and you should have your elbows positioned at roughly 90-degree angles.

2 – Getting Things In Motion


Once you have the right grip, you can finally get moving! It’s important to note that kayak paddling is more about trying to push the vessel itself beyond your paddles rather than the other way around. This isn’t an exercise of strength and strain; you should be able to move through the water fluidly. In essence, this is all about using leverage and working your lower back and abdominal muscles to keep the paddle moving consistently.

3 – Positioning

The final piece of the puzzle comes from your positioning. As you move the paddle along each side of the kayak, you should be gently rotating your torso from the waist; this will allow your core muscles to work efficiently. When you move the paddle forward, it should go as far as you can comfortably reach. (Leaning slightly forward to extend a bit further is considered good form!) Finally, make sure to keep your grip relaxed as you use your forearms for leverage. If you keep your movements even and measured, you should be able to traverse the water with grace!

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