Intex Explorer K2 Kayak Reviews – Inflatable Kayak

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak Review

The Intex Explorer K2 kayak is an inflatable fishing kayak that can accommodate two anglers, is easy to assemble and features a rugged vinyl construction that’s designed to take on rougher waters with ease. The compact, lightweight design also makes this kayak perfect for travel.

K2 Inflatable Kayak Rundown and Features

This kayak comes with a removable skeg, two inflatable seats, a couple of eighty-six-inch aluminum oars, grab lines and handles for easier transport, high output pump, and a repair patch kit.

Despite the fact that it’s designed for two angler use, the max weight capacity is just three hundred and fifty pounds. Additionally, you can expect a limited amount of storage space considering the compact kayak features a shorter bow and is a tandem. However, if you’re heading out solo for the day you can easily remove the second seat and free up some much-needed space.

The included inflatable seats come with supportive backrests and they’re highly adjustable so you can ensure both users have plenty of leg room. To relocate or reposition the seat you can use the Velcro fastening strips.

The kayak isn’t designed for whitewater rapids or ocean use. Instead, it will work best on slow-moving rivers and large ponds, or lakes.

While lightweight and functional, unfortunately, the two included paddles are not adjustable. Some anglers recommend upgrading the oars for improved comfort and a custom fit.

The kayak is easy to inflate using the included high output pump, and it can be deflated just as quickly.

When you’re shopping around for a new kayak, finding one that’s highly durable will always be one of the main priorities, but it’s even more crucial with an inflatable model. The K2 is made from thirty-gauge vinyl, which has a reputation for durability and can stand up to rougher water conditions, bumps, rocks, and heavy use.

As we mentioned, this model isn’t recommended for rougher waters, however, some anglers disagree and claim that any experienced kayaker can easily use it in choppy waters.

The kayak comes with removable skegs, which are known to fall off rather quickly and easily. The skegs are what control the steering, so this design flaw can have a major impact on the kayak’s handling. We recommend getting a little creative and using an additional method to secure the skegs before you take the kayak out for its first trip.  Many anglers recommend drilling a hole in the skeg and tying a line from the skeg to the stern.

The kayak is well-balanced and offers a real sense of stability even in tough water conditions. Fortunately, the hull’s design is deep enough to prevent the kayak from taking on water.

Weighing in at just thirty-two pounds, it can easily be carried by one person when it’s packed up and placed in a storage bag. The compact size also makes it a great choice for apartment dwellers, or anyone who’s tight on space in the home.

Using the included skeg can make a huge difference as far as how easy the kayak is to navigate and maneuver. Even when the kayak is at the max weight capacity it’s actually very easy to handle.

Intex Explorer Inflatable Kayak Pros and Cons

Intex Explorer K2 Inflatable Kayak SetPros: Despite being an inflatable kayak, we found it to be both durable and comfortable. The inflatable seats are highly adjustable, so you can customize your seats for ultimate comfort.

The kayak’s lightweight design provides improved buoyancy. It also makes the kayak much easier to transport and store.

Made from a thick gauge vinyl, the K2 can handle a wide range of water conditions.

Easy setup is always a plus. The included dual action pump combined with the Boston valves found on each side of the boat allows you to inflate or deflate the kayak in eight minutes.

The inflatable seats offer adequate back support, making them comfortable to sit in even on longer outings.

The K2 is brightly colored, making it highly visible on the open water.

Cons: As we have already mentioned, one issue many anglers had a problem with was the removable skeg. If you don’t make an effort to use an additional method to secure it, you will lose the skeg at some point, and again, this can majorly affect the kayak’s maneuverability.

The two aluminum paddles are not adjustable and cheaply made. Upgrading them is a quick fix, but it’s also an added expense.

The low max weight is an issue for some anglers, especially for those who tend to bring along a lot of fishing equipment.

While the kayak can be used by just one angler, it really needs the added weight of the second passenger for tracking performance. If you plan to head out alone make sure you pack plenty of gear, the weight of which will help to improve the kayak’s maneuverability.

K2 Inflatable Kayak Conclusion and Rating

The K2 Intex Explorer is at the top of its class. It’s hard to find a decent fishing kayak in this price range, and almost impossible to find an inflatable one that’s not only beginner-friendly but durable to boot. The K2 offers a great way to try kayak angling without putting a big dent in your bank account. There’s also no need to purchase a trailer or roof rack, simply fold it and place it in the included carry bag and store it in your trunk.

In spite of the lower price, we found it was able to compete with other inflatable models that are going for almost twice the price. Intex Explorer got this kayak design right with it’s rugged, sturdy construction, smooth riding experience, and easy maneuverability. The biggest issue is the skeg, which must be secured correctly before use.

We would recommend this kayak to any angler who is searching for an affordable alternative to a basic rigid tandem fishing kayak. Considering the high praise the K2 received, we gave it a rating of four and a half stars.

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