Is a Bowie Knife Suitable for Throwing?

bowie knife

Throwing knives have been around almost since the first knife was invented. However, the types and styles of knives designed for throwing have evolved throughout the years. You will find some surprising blades that can be thrown accurately if you know how to do it. Can you through Bowie knives, though? These very large knives might seem like the last knife you might want to throw, but it can be done.

First, while Bowie knives are certainly large, they are by no means ill-fitting for the world of thrown weapons. They have been used successfully as such for centuries. However, it is certainly true that there are better options for throwing knives. Smaller, lighter knives can make just as big of an impact, without forcing you to take the extreme measures required to hurl a Bowie knife through the air accurately. With that being said, a Bowie knife might make an excellent thrown weapon, particularly if you have no others at hand.

For comparison, consider a throwing knife. They generally have a light handle, if any, and no handguard. The edges are usually moderately sharp and are designed out of steel that is much harder to sharpen-but much more resilient to abuse-than are cutting knives. These knives are characteristically light and are balanced along the midpoint of the blade. This is clearly a different weapon than a Bowie knife.

Actually, the Bowie knife has a long history of being thrown. Experts and teachers during the early years of the knife’s existence showed that it was possible to throw the knife with lethal accuracy. However, they stressed several different things to their students that differed from throwing lighter, smaller knives. What are these? First, because Bowie knives are considerably larger and heavier than their brethren are, you should consider aiming a bit higher than you would with a regular knife. This will make the Bowie arc upward and then curve down and hit the target where you actually want.

Don’t throw your Bowie knife. If you’re thinking of this as a self-defense technique, be aware that you’ll much more likely be offering your assailant a free knife-however ungraciously you may be doing so notwithstanding-than offering them a mortal threat. Your Bowie was designed to be handled as any other fighting and hunting knife, but it does have its limitations. If you want to throw knives, buy cheap ones, don’t use a good Bowie.