Sun Dolphin Journey Fishing Kayak Review

Sun Dolphin Journey Fishing Kayak Review

The Sun Dolphin Journey is a sit-on-top fishing kayak that measures in at ten feet long. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry and it offers improved tracking and handling compared to other models in this price range. This is definitely a kayak that won’t break the bank and it still offers a solid performance and a ton of fishing accessories.

Sun Dolphin is a big name in the kayak industry. They produce a wide range of kayak styles and designs, but their models have usually priced affordably, despite the fact that they come loaded with great extra features.

Considering this is a ten-foot model, we felt it would work best in calmer waters, however, the shorter length combined with the lightweight design is perfect for the angler who enjoys fishing alone.

So, if you’re in the market for a more affordable way to get into kayak fishing, this is a great model that’s definitely worth considering.

Fishing Kayak Overview and Features

If you’re fishing solo then Journey is the perfect budget-friendly option that provides everything the angler could ever need in a solo fishing kayak.

This ten-footer is thirty inches wide. The width and length will allow you to easily pick up and maintain a great speed. The material used is Fortiflex that’s UV-stabilized. This is a type of high-density polyethylene and it’s a great choice for a fishing kayak considering it’s very impact resistant and built to take a beating.

This is a versatile kayak that provides anglers with a steady base for improved stability. It’s a great choice for rivers and lakes, however, it’s not designed for ocean use.

When it comes to storage, in the back of the kayak you’ll find a portable accessory carrier that you can use to store and secure important gear. The front of the kayak features a large bungee cord storage area, so you can keep your gear organized and easily accessible.

The kayak also comes with protective thigh pads and a heavily padded seat. The adjustable foot braces will accommodate anglers of all sizes.

Because it’s designed as a kayak for anglers it comes with a number of fishing related accessories that’s sure to make your next fishing trip more enjoyable. This includes a couple of flush mount rod holders, two paddle holders, and a swivel rod holder. These features, combined with the storage compartment make the Journey a good choice for the avid angler.

The kayak weighs forty pounds and has a max weight capacity of two hundred and fifty pounds. The built-in carry handles make it much easier to transport the kayak and get it in and out of the water.

Sun Dolphin Kayak Pros and Cons

Sun Dolphin Journey Fishing Kayak Pros: This kayak is well-built, and comes with a five-year product warranty on rigging and parts, with a two-year warranty on the hulls.

Considered efficient, economical, and versatile, it comes as no surprise that it’s one of the leading kayaks in this price range.

The Journey offers a steady base that will give any angler total control during their fishing adventure. While this model is considered an entry-level fishing kayak, it still comes equipped with plenty of extras that seasoned and beginner anglers will love.

It’s also designed to easily handle rougher waters and bumps along the way, yet it’s lightweight enough that a single angler can easily manage to maneuver it.

The kayak does well in a wide range of water conditions, offering a smooth ride.

The portable accessory carrier will come in handy if you normally bring along a lot of gear. It can be stored in the kayak or you can float it behind in order to keep the kayak’s weight down.

Cons: The only major issue we found with this kayak was its weight capacity. If you’re the type of angler who loves taking extra gear along for a long day out on the water, then this kayak is not for you. The fact that the weight capacity is so low means it’s not a suitable choice for larger anglers. Additionally, if you weigh close to two hundred pounds you’ll need to be extra careful regarding how much gear you bring. Going over the recommended weight limit will majorly affect this model’s performance, making it difficult to maneuver. It can also cause the kayak to take on water as you’ll be sitting even lower in the water than the kayak normally does.

This model also doesn’t come with any scupper holes. The kayak has very high walls which can help to prevent it from taking on water, so a lack of scupper holes isn’t a big deal unless you attempt to take the kayak out for some ocean fishing, which we definitely don’t recommend.

There were also some complaints about the kayak’s overall stability, but these complaints were from beginners who weren’t familiar with kayaking in general. With any kayak, regardless of make or model, you’ll need to learn how to balance, especially when you’re casting or fighting to land a fish. This is an issue all beginners will struggle with. Once you get used to paddling around on the Journey you’ll find that balancing the kayak using your bodyweight and legs is something that you’ll do automatically.

Sun Dolphin and Kayak Conclusion and Rating

This kayak received some mixed feedback from anglers, but overall, most agreed that it offered more features and a better build than you’d normally expect from a kayak in this price range.

We’ve established that the Sun Dolphin Journey is considered an entry-level fishing kayak. But considering its innovative design, quality components, and easy handling, we felt that it would be a good buy for beginners and even pro anglers who are searching for a sturdy, reliable model. As we mentioned, the biggest downside is the lower weight capacity, which can be very limiting for anglers who prefer to haul a lot of gear. Overall, we felt it earned a four-star rating for quality, extra-features, and its solid construction.

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